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Andrea Camastra

Andrea Camastra, is an exceptional Chef! He is energetic, passionate and has an unconventional approach to cooking. Whenever he has a moment of free time, he leaves Warsaw to go visit his in-laws, who live in Kolbuszowa - Podkarpackie province, because Andrea has not only fallen in love with Poland but also a Polish woman. When he visits his in-laws, Andrea loves participating in the day-to-day running of the farm. “Yesterday I was filthy and today I’m making an artistic dessert wearing a spotless apron. Now that is inspiration!” – he says. In Kolbuszowa, where our farms are located, we rear boar-pigs, fallow deer, poultry and lamb, as well as a traditional cultivation of fruit and vegetables which, besides the best international products, is the foundation of our cuisine. One of a kind! Andrea is passionately dedicated to his job. He admits: “I work 14-16h a day, I have no idea what goes on outside!”. It is thanks to this that in 2019 he received the honor of being named one of the 100 best chefs in the world, according to „Le Chef” magazine and the title of “Chef of The Year North England”, “Chef of the Future 2015” as well as “Chef of the Year 2017”, according to the Gault&Millau guide. You can even find an entry on him in the Oxford dictionary and The Diners Club® 50 Best Discovery Series. Andrea’s unique talent and his boldness in breaking through convention was noticed by Hervé (the discoverer and father of molecular cuisine) who, during his visit in Poland, deemed him the ambassador of the „note-by-note” method and successor of the legendary Ferran Adria.

Andrea cooks using cutting Edge culinary techniques, while simultaneously honoring tradition. As he himself says: „I grew up surrounded by Italian cuisine. That is where my love and respect for natural products came from”. He comes from Bari, the city of Queen Bona, who taught Poles culinary curiosity and the taste of new vegetables like tomatoes, auberges and artichokes. Despite his many years of experience, Andrea has not grown complacent and is constantly eager to learn and search for something new. He is the recipient of many awards, but he is aware that the road to perfection is long. “Every chef has to start somewhere. Like a child learning to walk before it runs” – claims Andrea.

Andrea Camastra's portfolio of dishes

From 2016 we have unwaveringly possessed a Michelin star, in 2017 SENSES strongly emphasized its position among the world’s elite of the finest restaurants by winning an award in the World Luxury Restaurants Awards in the category of “Polish cuisine”. We are relentlessly climbing the rankings in the Gault&Millau guide, beginning in 2015 (3 hats and 16 points) up until 2018 (4 hats and 18,5 points). For the last two years, Senses has been deemed the best result in Poland. We are the first restaurant, in this part of Europe, to have been appreciated by the committee of The World`s 50 Best Restaurants and have found our way onto the list of The Diners Club® 50 Best Discovery Series. SENSES is also the winner of many national awards and special mentions.